Using the Cake dotnet tool

Cake just released 0.30 which includes a package for a dotnet global tool.

I’ve been waiting for this for a long time as I’ve always had “personal” issues with the bootstrapper script. As I make it a good practice to Dockerize all the things, I can simplify my dotnet Dockerfiles a bit.

Here’s the new Dockerfile I have for the sample Conduit ASP.NET Core app that I maintain for fun:

#build container
FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.1.401-sdk as build

WORKDIR /build
COPY . .
RUN dotnet tool install -g Cake.Tool
ENV PATH="${PATH}:/root/.dotnet/tools"
RUN dotnet cake build.cake 

#runtime container
FROM microsoft/dotnet:2.1.3-runtime

COPY --from=build /build/publish /app


ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "Conduit.dll"]

The one tricky bit is that the current dotnet base images don’t have the tools dir on the PATH as tracked here:

The fix is just adding the single line: ENV PATH="${PATH}:/root/.dotnet/tools"

Now I can delete build shell/powershell scripts all day long!

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