SharpCompress 0.17 (LZip, XZ) and SharpCompress in .NET Core?

SharpCompress 0.17 released on NuGet !

New Features – Full LZip support!

To me this was a big missing hole when considering how to compress. LZMA seems to be the best in the business at the moment and lots of people want to use it. Jon Skeet provided LZip read support a while back but I only now fleshed it out for writing. Even works with tar.lz just like tar.gz.

New Features – XZ read support!

XZ is another LZMA (well, LZMA2) archive format. Not sure where it came from but the LZip author isn’t impressed and I have to say, I’m not either: Xz format inadequate for long-term archiving

The XZ support is basic and it only supports one internal “stream” (e.g. file) even though multiple are possible.

There are a couple more fixes to read on the github page


After poking around different file formats and compressors for a long time now, I decided to write up what I think people ought to use when considering archive formats and algorithms.

Recommended: Tar with GZip/BZip2/LZip

In general, I recommend GZip (Deflate)/BZip2 (BZip)/LZip (LZMA) as the simplicity of the formats lend to better long term archival as well as the streamability. Tar is often used in conjunction for multiple files in a single archive (e.g. .tar.gz).

Tar is aging a bit with a lot of extensions but it’s still simple. I believe there are Tar replacements but I don’t come across them often.

Not recommended: Zip

Zip is okay, but it’s a very hap-hazard format and the variation in headers and implementations makes it hard to get correct. Uses Deflate by default but supports a lot of compression methods.

Zip has been king for a while so it’s not like this format is going anyway anytime soon.

Avoid: RAR

RAR is not recommended as it’s a propriatory format and the compression is closed source. Use Tar/LZip for LZMA. I’m not up to date on how RAR vs other compressors are but its claim to fame was that it was better than Zip/DEFLATE. Probably not better than LZMA.

Avoid: 7Zip and XZ

7Zip and XZ both are overly complicated. 7Zip does not support streamable formats. XZ has known holes explained here: Xz format inadequate for long-term archiving

Use Tar/LZip for LZMA compression instead.

.NET Core and compression

Recently, there’s been discussion I’ve been looking at on the CoreFx repo. Mainly, I’ve wanted to push compressors into the core for native support but probably keep archive formats outside. Most implements don’t support forward-only.

I’ve now opened a new issue about forward-only. I may push SharpCompress all the way in the core! Who knows?

The code probably needs a bit rewrite as quality is all over the place. I’ve never been one to redo algorithms but I’ve always been proud of the unified interface.

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